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What are the benefits to human body often swim

by:PHAYON     2020-09-02
often swim 1 what are the benefits to the human body, enhance myocardial function in water sports, all the organs are involved, energy consumption, the circulation of the blood is accelerated, to supply sport organs more nutrients. Blood can speed up, will increase the load of the heart, the beat frequency is accelerated, contraction and powerful. Often swim, heart function is excellent. The average person's heart rate is 70 - — 80 / cent, each cardiac output is 60 - — 80 ml. People often swim in heart rate can be up to 50 - — 55 times/min, a lot of excellent swimmers, heart rate can be up to 38 - — 46 times/min, stroke output up to 90 - — 120 ml. When swimming water easy limb blood backflow heart, the heart rate. Swimming for a long time there will be a heart motility increased obviously, contraction, hemal wall thickness increase elasticity increase, per HP increased cardiac output. So, swimming can exercise a powerful heart. Strengthen the resistance of swimming pool water temperature of 26 to 28 degrees, soak in water cooling fast, large energy consumption. For compensatory body gives off heat as soon as possible, in order to cooling the need of heat balance, the nervous system and rapid response, accelerate metabolism, increase the body's ability to adapt to the outside world, against the cold. At the winter swimming, often due to thermoregulation function improvement, not easy head cold, also can improve human endocrine function, is increase pituitary function, thus improve the resistance to disease and immunity. Weight loss when swimming direct soaking in the water body, water resistance, not only and heat conduction performance is very good also, fast heat dissipation and therefore consume more calories. Is just like a just boiled eggs, in the air cooling speed, much faster than in cold water, the experimental results show: people run for 20 minutes in the standard swimming pool, heat consumption on land for 1 hour, equivalent to the same rate in 14 degrees of water for 1 minute by the quantity of heat that use up 100 kilocalorie, equivalent to 1 hour in the air at the same temperature distribution of heat. Movement in the water, and, therefore, is that many people who want to lose weight, get twice the result with half the effort, so swimming is one of the most effective sports to stay slim. Bodybuilding form people in swimming, the buoyancy of water usually use the stomach or lie on your back in the water, the whole body relaxation and stretch, make body fully, well-balanced, harmonious development, make the muscle line is fluent. Movement in the water due to reduced the impact of ground motion to the bone, decreased bone loss probability, make joint is out of shape not easily. Water resistance can increase the intensity of motion, but this kind of intensity, and is different from the land of the equipment training, it is very soft, the intensity of training and is easy to control in aerobic within a domain, do not grow very stiff muscles, can make whole body line is fluent, beautiful. Strengthen the lung function mainly by breathing lungs, lung function determined by the strength of the well function, on the strength of the movement is one of the effective methods to improve and enhance lung capacity. According to measurement: swimming in the chest by 12 people - 15 kg pressure, add cold water stimulation muscle contraction, breathing difficulty, forcing people hard to breathe, increase the depth of breathing, such inhaled oxygen in order to meet the needs of the body. Average person the lung capacity is about 3200 ml, poor breathing ( Inhale and exhale biggest biggest bust is the difference between the larger and smaller) Just 4 - 8 centimeters, the maximum amount of oxygen during strenuous exercise to 2. 5 - — 3 liters per minute, 10 times greater than it was quiet; The swimmer lung capacity can be as high as 4000 - 7000 ml, poor breathing 12 - 15 cm, the maximum amount of oxygen during strenuous exercise 4. 5 - — 7. 5 litres per minute, increase 20 times than it was quiet. Swimming makes people well developed, chest circumference, lung capacity increased, and inhale alveolar open more, take a breath, is extremely advantageous to the health. Skin care people in swimming, water to skin, the sweat gland, fat gland scour, play a very good massage effect, promote the blood circulation, make the skin smooth and elastic. In addition, in the water sports, greatly reduce the salt to cutaneous stimulation in sweat.

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