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Wear in the body of the swimsuit history

by:PHAYON     2020-09-06

wear swimsuit in the swimsuit history transformed into fashion, match line to different time occasions, a swimming suit and go to parties, swimsuit, sun bathing suit, going to the seaside town of swimsuit, have their own rules. No longer just to foil the graceful posture, and become the requisite. Revealing swimsuit at random corner, daydream, is the supreme state of the sexy. 60 s swimsuit today looks very conservative, one-piece, minimalist design, USES is the monotony of pure color, color and more dark. Design, its chest, the back is generous, show a big empty back - — If there's breakthrough is this. Garment design in the 70 s, more than in the past use of cotton, wool, or even no elastic waterproof abandon all man-made fibers, and with high elasticity, high porosity, low water absorption of the nylon fabric manufacture more close, easy to wear and casual swim suit. In the 80 s the biggest breakthrough is fine aglet wetsuit, swimsuit instead of using a single pure color, reform the designer started on the color. Red, purple, blue, and black v-shaped gradient of swimsuit more elegant feel to the person, the biggest change is the design of the shoulder, so sexy index significantly increased; Style swimsuit in the 90 s to tend to be 'cautious', they cover the area more body, and to adopt some of the original stitching way and adjust the way of posture. 21st century female figure, beautiful line of cherished, conclude people increasingly demanding in the Angle of aesthetics, fruity body line is considered unhealthy, stupid, only a thin, such as steel body and strong muscle to get approval, follow the rules and the transition of the swimsuit in the body, therefore the bikini today become a mainstay of the swim suit, one-piece bathing suits have been outside the reach of fashion, bikini quickly replaced the one-piece swimsuit.

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