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The swimsuit OEM, ODM, OBM clothing industry three models? On behalf of what?

by:PHAYON     2020-07-27
Concept of OEM OEM Original commissioned 'the Original Equipment Manufacturer manufacturers according to the needs of brands and authorization as a trustee, in accordance with the brand, specific conditions and production. All the drawings are fully in accordance with brands such as design for manufacturing processes, and with other brands. 'Designated production' (swimsuit OEM production Commonly known as OEM production) Basic meaning for brands products directly, but to use their own core technology is responsible for the design and development of new products, specific processing tasks entrusted to other manufacturers. After will be ordered on the low price to buy products, and directly with your own brand logo. Producers pros and cons analysis 'benefit' of producers in swimsuit OEM mode (1) scale production, reduce cost with the expansion of output, unit costs decline trend. Participate in OEM supply, means that the expansion of output, not only increase the sale of products, and reduce the cost. (2) the learning experience, perfect management OEM buyers often in production management, marketing, product development, etc, have the stronger power. Production organize production according to the requirements of the purchaser, accumulate experience, and improve the management level of enterprises. (3) product innovation, improve ability if the production of OEM products are innovative products, producers can learn to imitate, to increase the length of the line, to launch new products; Or deepen the depth of the product line, increase the variety of existing products. OEM way for buyers and sellers, also has a distinctive advantage: that is the flexibility of buyers and sellers in the market. As long as the buying and selling any party found more profitable way, you can terminate the contract at any time. (4) save marketing investment for wide area, large enterprises are difficult to other area completely cast, this swimsuit OEM pattern on both sides of the cooperation is very good. Such as Fuji, ricoh, etc all of its manufacturers and brokers in Europe and the United States to take the way of OEM, thus reduce the friction in the operation of, reduced the enterprise should have put a lot of sales. 'Producers in abuses in OEM mode' (1) expansion - — — Strengthen the weak behind the question about how to in the original industry development, the enterprise's top managers answer is almost always 'to expand the scale of production. However, this approach has failed to improve the status in the industrial chain, but also will cause the market further rely on links, status could be more passive. (2) the cost advantage - — — Weak behind success first, labor price advantage for a specific enterprise, not sustainable, as China's economic development, labor price comparative advantages must be diminished. Due to the increasing labor costs, many enterprises has been a decline in margins. (3) the anti-dumping problems due to the OEM export the world famous brand is low, the cost of the product sales in developed countries, often with anti-dumping, for any government to protect its industry to make our country enterprise suffered huge losses. (4) lack of brand when Chinese enterprises for others, the generation of processing components of larger and larger self-owned brand is less and less, this is for China's enterprises, facing the severe test. OEM mode of the present situation and the transformation of the status quo of 'OEM' at present, in our country, OEM low cost advantage is gradually lost, for OEM business in developing countries plunder abroad also more intense, the enterprise can't dream to continue to be engaged in OEM can rest easy. In addition, OEM suppliers usually depends on the decision of the buyer, if the purchaser to the OEM order is not stable, will be a certain influence on the supply enterprise, enterprise income to rely too much on the buyer's requirements. So, oems have the need to expand manufacturing activity outside of the scope of business, namely to ODM, OBM transformation. 'ODM and OBM briefly' in general, the realization of the path to the transformation and upgrading is simple trust contract manufacturing ( OEM) To research and development design, ODM) Establish the independent brands (and, ultimately, 油基泥浆) 。 'Original Design Manufacturer (ODM),' the Original Design Manufacturer to Manufacturer to Design a product, in some cases may be targeted by other enterprises, with the brand name for production, or modify a little bit about the Design to production. This allows other firms to reduce their development time. OBM 'the factory management has its own brand' the Original Equipment Manufacturing the producers to create brand products, production, sales, with independent brand of products. Due to contract to do OBM channel construction cost is large, the effort is well than to do OEM and ODM is high, and often in conflict with their OEM, ODM customers, so vigorously to do a little OBM. OEM, ODM, OBM distinguish between (1) A party to bring their own design drawings, production technology, simply let party B processing production, labeled as A trademark, this is called OEM. Party puts forward some ideas of product requirements and (2) A, B party draft plans, produces the physical product, labeled as A brand, known as ODM. (3) to create A brand, A production and sales have A brand product, called the OBM.

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