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The swimsuit history and development

by:PHAYON     2020-07-25

the swimsuit, refers to engage in swimming and other water activities when wearing clothes, in general, the swimsuit and tight fit, to facilitate people engaged in the water, while women's general is a type cover or two-piece, mainly covers three parts of the body style ( Bikini) 。

the swimsuit known as the water in Japanese. Water with this noun into the Chinese world with Japanese culture. But because the Japanese porn industry is known for its international relations, water usually with beautiful girl, sexy and erotic close to together. History and development

in 1907, the Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman travel to the United States, but then was banned by the police, because she was wearing a swimsuit to show the arms, legs and neck. But after female swimsuit design begins to be more open, at the end of the end of the second world war, bikini finally was born.

today, the development of the swimsuit continues.

on June 1, 2009, the British launched with a special fabric production swimsuit. This material has a tiny holes, although invisible to the naked eye, so can't be exposed, but allows eighty percent of the sunlight, can even wear swimsuit in the sunshine. Don't have to worry about stripped naked, will appear on a white bathing suit.

in the 19th century women with swimsuit

in the early 20th century women with swimsuit

in the 21st century women wear swimsuit

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