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The selection of men's underwear

by:PHAYON     2020-09-01
the selection of men's underwear briefs - — Sports gens choice suit a crowd: love sports, men with varicocele briefs is a style of people's common, because of its design will be scrotal wrapped tightly, led to the scrotum parts difficult to heat, sweat, so was the rejection of one part person. But for some people, briefs is their first choice, for example, patients with varicocele male will need to select the triangle underpants, and it is best to tight the fork, so that we can make the scrotum, reduce venous pressure. In addition, like the friend of vigorous exercise, also should choose briefs, especially now with specially designed sports underwear, it with small briefs the basic modelling, comes with a pouch, also called pouch underwear, is a representative of the sports pants. The three-dimensional design of the scrotum, which can completely hold scrotum, avoiding the friction between the scrotum and inner thighs, is separated from the penis and scrotum isolation place, ventilated permeability is good, is the best choice for sports men, high hem pants 2 - — Suit a crowd: suitable for thick legs men for leg thick thighs coarser men can choose the high panties briefs ( On the opposite side of the triangle pants open directly to the waist or upper hipbone, less bound thighs) 。 In the design concept of women's underwear, high hem is commonly modifying function, let a leg appears slender, but high in men's underwear panties on the starting point is not sexy, but in order to take care of men with thick legs, relative to the Angle of the loose, this part briefs will let friends feel tight. Thick legs men walk friction will be bigger, if wear tight pants, trouser legs less easy to make ham root ministry blood circulation, scrotal temperature and humidity, and choose high panties briefs will better protect thick legs men's sexual function. And won't cause friction between legs overheating situation, also won't casual movement and damage. Thick legs men easy to perspire, choose high panties don't choose cotton briefs, had better choose cotton content 15% ~ 30%, there are some modal, silk fabrics, such as sweat, can effectively dry faster. 3, inner pants - — Male doctors recommend suit a crowd: sedentary white-collar and driver compact compared with the triangle pants, pants are loose won the favour of many people, especially male doctors and advocate the male friend wearing this style of underwear. Is sensitive to the discretion of the ambient temperature of the scrotum, no subcutaneous fat and have a lot of sweat glands, help to heat dissipation. When the outside temperature is low, stimulate the meat of the membrane smooth muscle and testosterone muscle contraction, testicles higher position, scrotal skin tightening into thick folds, and bounce back to the perineum, prevent heat, help to thermal insulation. The ambient temperature rises, the smooth muscle relaxation, testicular descent, leaving the body, scrotal skin flabby, increase the cooling area, is advantageous to the local cooling. Scrotal temperature has a great influence on the testicular sperm production process, the temperature of the scrotum in the body that are lower than 2 degrees Celsius, is a pure function of the optimum temperature. Temperature is too high, the process of sperm production will appear obstacles, even stopped completely, at the same time, it will reduce the secretion of testosterone. Self-regulation of the pants are loose scrotal more at ease, in a natural state, so that when the men sitting more comfortable and healthy. 4, tight elastic long leg pants - — Cyclists can often wear a suit a crowd: men often ride a bike this tight underwear is middle leg length and the thigh, contraction buttocks, is advantageous to the thigh muscles tight, model strong and handsome figure, at the same time it also can minimize friction of scrotum and thigh root, and it could contain the scrotum, like cycling friends good choice.

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