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The role of the caps

by:PHAYON     2020-09-07

swim cap part 1, prevent hair loss, dirty water, maintain water sanitation, in addition we swim hands don't bound to the hair, small pants cap after resistance 3, 2 caps are colorful, convenient shore lifeguard found ( When swimming outdoor also can have very good recognition effect, my friend had a swim in beidaihe, a man just left the crowd and colleagues kept calling his name, and the reason is, they can't see the red hat. ) 4, plastic caps, can prevent hair from too much contact and the water, the water in the bleaching solution, will hurt the hair, hair often swim without plastic caps will turn yellow. 5. When swimming pants cap is a kind of basic equipment, is also a kind of basic courtesy, especially long hair woman, hair don't floated in the water of the water, the hair is not easy being dragged off 6. To heat preservation in winter, can very good heat preservation effect on the uncoiler

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