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The dispute a bathing suit

by:PHAYON     2020-09-05

the swimsuit dispute process either bath or swim early is a common phenomenon, and people seldom consider at that time should be more professional costumes for the activity. Men usually is naked when swimming, women rarely have the opportunity to go, they sometimes wear wide robe, more time is also a member. Thinks nothing of this to take swimming attitude did not last for a long time, shame view soon intervened to clothing rules. In the middle of the 19th century, in the society of public moral constraints reached the white-hot degree, the pressure forced men wear swimming trunks. The pressure is also reflected in the design of the swimming trunks, a pair of shorts is considered enough regards, men's suit into a thick suit, the suit not only cover the body, but also cover the arms and legs. Women's swimsuit experienced more long process and more twists and turns, you know, in the middle ages, religious organizations, there are a series of reason to ban a shower, swimming is completely unthinkable things, occasionally have the opportunity to wrap like rice dumplings into the hot springs enjoy, it is the privilege of ladies. By the 19th century, women's bathing suit was a kind of belt, length and knee replaced swimsuit, women were put on his pants and socks. Creators try to emphasize with decoration and fabric characteristics of 'female', which features make it won the public gaze, and thus, swimsuit began to fashion magazines and stores in the directory. In fact, although claimed to be able to make women 'free play' in the water, but in order to cover the body, dress was done very big, after the water can be up to 30 pounds in weight. More ironically, although the swimsuit design purpose is to cover up a woman's body, but will it in wet tightly affixed to the body and the female curve with poor, as well as a ridiculous way. Although today, as a professional and non-professional, swimsuit design and functional requirements has formed relatively independent two fields, the former pays attention to scientific and technological content, lean toward fashion the latter seeks wider living space. Australian born female swimmer Annette kellerman also broke the conventional. In Boston in 1907 because she wears a bold one-piece swimsuit, was arrested. Kellerman unmoved, designed to accord with actual needs for the swimsuit, she, it is a swimsuit combined with a vaudeville actor's tights, and design the exposed body and the spirit of sports in bold swimsuit. And the same athletes from Australia, Fanny drucker, for the first time in 1912 half an long legs wearing sleeveless one-piece swimsuit on the Olympic Games. Kellerman swimming suit and diving suits caused a sensation in Britain and the United States, she designed for Hollywood swimming program between 1916 to 1952, inspired a series of films about water sports. In the ensuing swimsuit and underwear industry closely together also strengthened the similarities between the two, it is because of the presence of the swimsuit, the intimate underwear into the public domain, also produced the last few hundred years about self cognition and social discussion of the concept of the body. In terms of the swimsuit, social recognition and demand for new swimsuit eventually eliminate the official moral criticism. Swimsuit with top-down effect, in other words, fashion is different, it is a 'bottom-up' phenomenon, — It is accepted by the average woman first, and then only by the public interest and social behavior of the arbiter reluctantly accepted.

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