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The difference between women's swimwear and lingerie

by:PHAYON     2020-08-28

the difference between women's swimwear and lingerie swimsuit and underwear mainly in the difference between a function and production of fabrics and appearance design in three aspects: 1, the function is different, suit to fit the underwater motion, which requires the swimsuit to waterproof, elastic, and in the process of underwater movement of water resistance, in order to achieve this, the swimsuit will be designed to be very tight style. The main is to wear comfortable underwear cannot too tight, so it better close skin, breathable, moisture absorption, keep the skin dry. 2, different fabrics, the swimsuit and underwear fabric selection Angle is opposite, mainly reflected on the hydrophilic fabric. Bathing suit commonly used dupont lycra, waterproof and elastic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and good water imbibition underwear much cotton fabric production. 3, look different, is outer wear swimsuit, comparison pay attention to visual effect in design and material is relatively thick, fashionable appearance, and the style is various, decorative pattern varied also. And underwear to wear in the inside, thinner material, pure color is given priority to, design also no swimsuit. Swimsuit generally when swimming in the summer wear, and underwear to wear all the year round, the swimsuit underwear can not be replaced, the reason is swimsuit didn't have the air permeability and moisture absorption, underwear again, also can't replace the swimsuit, underwear is underwear don't have the swimsuit waterproof, and cotton underwear after absorbing water becomes translucent, easy to cause the awkward.

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