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The Anniversary of the Company in 2015 Xiamen Font


As the first high-tech theme park in Fujian Province, Font Fantasy Kingdom of Xiamen is full of fantasy and creativity. After careful and reasonable planning and arrangement, the long-planned anniversary of 2015 officially opened in Font.
Here, we actively participated, experiencing the shock of thrills and excitement in the interesting and screaming voices, conquering inner fear , releasing inner pressure, and witnessing the blending of history and future, the overlap of reality and illusion.
The excitement and joy of the journey in a day unconsciously ended, we set foot on the journey home. Although the body is very tired, but the heart is very happy, the pressure in the heart has been released, overcome themselves, break through the self. This is the purpose of our trip, this is the goal of our team, will relax, will learn, but also will work!

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