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Swimwear brand swimsuit disinfection process

by:PHAYON     2020-09-11

swimwear brand suits a sterilization process, for the first time after dehydration and water injection, a washing machine cover, add 1 bottle ( 500ml) Sur ( Cresol soap) Solution, and continue to rinse twice, dehydration, dry at last. Second, each time as stipulated, dirty swimsuit in the designated place. Third, put through power supply, open the faucet switch, switch on, set the laundry program, started to the laundry. Four, unplug the power plug after use, shut off the water taps, and drains in the hook on the side of the washing machine. Five, the dirty into the washing machine, adding suitable amount of detergent, washing machine cover cover. After six, washed clothes dry, must be sent to the laundry to dry. Seven, individual dirtier swimsuit, laundryman should hand rub net rear can use washing machine to clean. Eight, swimsuit partial cleaning should be classified, each XiYiLiang with no more than two-thirds of washing capacity advisable. Nine, the swimsuit according to its clean respectively in different levels or workshop area clean.

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