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Swimsuit wholesale manufacturers accuse your women buy swimsuit you need to pay attention to

by:PHAYON     2020-07-27
With the arrival of summer, it is you chase between the blue sky blue sea, golden beaches, exhibit this figure. How to choose a suitable for their own swimsuit is critical, especially love beautiful little sister, then follow suit wholesale manufacturer of small make up together to look at! Fabrics and structure had better choose more than 15% of the elastic fabric, spandex content that swimsuit can freely adjustable with body movement; Swimming in the swimming pool, pay attention to the fabric's adaptation in the content of chlorine in pool water molecules, at present the most popular in the international stereo swimsuit made of stretch fabric, the most suitable for swimming in cold water or use. Because this kind of hollow fabric is more, easy to maintain body temperature. As far as possible to buy or not buy generic so-called 'imported spandex high elastic fabrics. One is the spandex fabric content is in commonly 15%, About 20%, and the second is imitation fabrics because the composition variation, poor resilience after launching. Work with security because of the swimsuit is a sport utility clothing, strong tensile force, had better not choose splicing more style. Heavy, easy to line from joining together. In sewing seams, three needle five line stitch as the basic, three stitches 6 line is the strongest. Line of elastic and fabric tensile strength should be consistent. Beach series had better choose a smoke plait line, already so beautiful, is also much greater elastic stretch. Health cover silk cotton swimsuit surface has the advantages of chemical fiber fabric is bright and clean, bright layer with pure cotton weaving, no stimulation to the skin, especially suitable for wear in skin allergy. Swimsuit fork should be lining cloth, have the lining for the swimsuit longer service life. Shape and color of skin in chest, is suitable for wide shoulder straps v-neck swimsuits; The chest small person to avoid a strapless swimsuits; Chest flat chest decorate a pleated swimsuits and suitable Hip circumference in might as well choose ultra short form a suit; Waistline, lack of moving curve, assembled type swimsuit can make up for the defect, after wearing effect well; Stubby legs, should choose the legs cut is high, the lower the acute Angle type style; Long and meticulous leg lack of sense of symmetry, flat feet pants suit is the first choice. Understand ourselves according to the size to pick a suitable for their own swimsuit, foil a toned figure, is an important thing. Body fat optional dark solid-colored swimsuit, design should be concise and fluent. Don't choose separates,, it will look more bloated. Thin type should choose line is unique, or orange, red, yellow and so on to expand feeling tonal swimsuit. Short should be selected with bright color, lively style, high leg type swimsuit, so that the leg appears slender. Flat-chested optional kind of swimsuit bra and the bra. In addition, the shoulder strap around the neck of the swimsuit, make the swimsuit fold over to the chest, there will be a good plastic chest effect. Waist roughing two-piece swimsuit can make up and down the line of sight, the bother of the waist. Thigh roughing with skirt or boxer design, can put the legs the thickest part of the cover. Now, all swimwear brand OEM the swimsuit fashion, to meet the needs of the dress form. New style swimsuit, motor function as a secondary consideration, it is main purpose to show amorous feelings. This year, not only have the same design and color of accessories, but also long chiffon cover yarn, salon shorts combination, can change a more amorous feelings, let can wear swimsuit just like fashion sexy. However, close-fitting bathing suit is easy to figure flaws exposed, thick waist and hypertrophy of the hips would, without reverse, in front of, very easy to shame. So fashionable women should know how to choose the swimsuit foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, chosen the right swimsuit, not only can adorn shortcomings, more can improve the lines, to regain confidence. Chest is too small - — — Folds + bright-coloured colour chest small flat woman, want to make the chest look fuller, must choose a few chest with swimsuit style, because fold crepe of stereo feeling, can make the chest looks more fullness. If the effect is more significant, you can choose again bright pink, yellow and other colors of the swimsuit, foil under the white color of skin, can make line is more prominent. Chest is too big, — — Even the asana + horizontal stripes for busty lady, always felt uncomfortable, wear swimsuit is often afraid to run. Consider even the postures of the swimsuit, both figure lines can be stretched, can reduce more exposed. And horizontal stripes design to be able to make more plentiful full chest appear relatively flat, together, can make the line more uniform nature. The waist is too thick - — — And different color for the waist thicker and lack of line ladies, no matter in any bathing suit, only need to know the color supplement, can play the effect of the ministry of waist line. A swimsuit and different color or design, is the best supplement, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, makes curve more exquisite. Small - — — Bikini + tall person wear a bikini just plain don't think good, in fact, the diminutive woman, wearing a bikini instead can highlight the beautiful line, make the waist and legs look more slender. But should be given priority to with plain color, avoid to choose bright colors and patterns exaggerated style, although this kind of design can make a figure appear fuller that grabs an eye, but can't make the figure appears slender. The leg is too thick - — — High open * leg thick players like women, might as well wear some high * tailored suit. Although it will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender instead on the vision, make the line more aesthetic feeling. Big butt - — — Flat foot type, short skirt type + design exaggerated hips plump, should choose the flat foot type or short skirt type swimsuit, upper body with more exaggerated pattern, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the hips. Because the exaggerated patterns can have the effect of the transfer line of sight, and shorts or short skirt can effectively cover the fullness of hips, exerting the effect of the modified

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