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Swimsuit successfully completed 2017 16th DaLang woven SEC

by:PHAYON     2020-08-10

the 16th China ( DaLang) International hair products fair ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'woven SEC' - on November 1 And a 3 grand launch through smart and original industry trends such as promote the development of wool industry. Structure adjustment and the supply side and national 'neighbourhood' all the way for the development of reform, China's textile industry has entered a new historical period, the construction of textile science and technology, the goal of sustainable development, human resource become the new positioning for shaping China's textile industry. As 'the nation the first pilot unit industry cluster' national advanced regional industry cluster 'wool yarn distribution base in China' national foreign trade transformation and upgrading of professional-oriented DaLang hair industry demonstration base 'is from' processing factory 'to' invented base 'turn around. Compared with the previous 'woven SEC' the 'woven SEC' theme of 'vitality, new knitting city' is not only focused on the 'fashion' electricity 'smart' instead of trying to capacity greater concept - 'To carry more connotation. The 'woven rendezvous with clothing main pavilion, main woollen clothing, design and yarn, accessories, etc. ; Major pavilions, at the same time, a peripheral mechanical hair machinery and supporting services; At the venue is the major brand clothing. Many well-known clothing brand means of participation for the first time this session of 'woven SEC' and will publish fashion trend. The 'woven SEC' on, web design contest, woollen clothing design competition and other special activities will be held in succession. ( Quanzhou city industrial co. , LTD. - exhibition brand clothing Tea brand swimsuit underwear series) In addition to promoting exchange trading and show the cluster strength, the 'woven SEC' also try to dig the latest equipment and technology, development trend, actively lead the industry trend. According to introducing, 'woven SEC' exhibition of CNC machine in recent years, intelligent design software, intelligent production equipment after the exhibition become the mainstream of the industry development. When science and technology, fashion and green is becoming the new label of textile this traditional industry, the 'woven SEC' also introduced wisdom made with the original, to inject new vitality for the wool industry, guide direction of industry transformation and upgrading, and explore the industry innovation and development of new growth pole. The 'woven SEC' with Europe and the United States chamber of commerce, China textile industry association information center, Hong Kong trade development council authority investment cooperation, etc. the

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