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by:PHAYON     2020-09-14

the swimsuit manufacturers, a swimsuit manufacturers found swimming in swimming points forward resistance of the biggest is the trunk, every body posture have corresponding resistance, so the swimming when it is necessary to choose the correct body position, it directly affects the efficiency of your swimming. Brand swimwear remind everybody: when swimming best body posture should be Gao Erping streamlined, it can reduce the resistance to a minimum, is a kind of body posture swimming efficiency is the highest. But often this position keep for beginners is a bit difficult, so the swimsuit manufacturer can give you some tips to get you better keep Gao Erping streamline body position in the water. The cause of cannot keep this position also, swimming movement is not correct, do not do action of maximum reduce drag and increase propulsion. To solve this problem with only the men of his own to swim, surf the Internet to find or read their information. Want to maintain Gao Erping streamlined good body posture, attention should be paid to: roll the body around the longitudinal axis when crawl or backstroke and do move the arm action, to prevent the sideways motion of the body, try to maintain the balance of the body posture, cannot control side. Tips to keep this kind of body posture: crawl when see the look at the bottom, the backstroke of the eyes, it will help you to maintain good posture.

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