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Swimsuit is what kind of fabrics and fabrics of different characteristics

by:PHAYON     2020-09-06

swimsuit all adopt what kind of fabrics and fabrics of different characteristic classification can be divided into dupont lycra swimsuits fabrics, nylon, polyester material is now the most commonly used class swimsuit. Any hollow out, seti flower and other special materials are out of not more than three kinds of elastic characteristics. New swimsuit fabrics a lot will be combined with uv resistance, resistance to chlorine or water treatment and other special processing. Swimming fabric features: dupont lycra: is a kind of artificial elastic fibers, elastic best material, can be extended to the length of the original 4 - 6 times, and it has good stretch and fit with all kinds of fibre blended, strengthens the quality hang down, anti-wrinkle, etc. Dupont lycra containing chlorine resistant components, will make the swimsuit with swimsuit longer service life than ordinary materials. : polyamide fabric texture is not solid lycra fabric, but elastic softness with lycra. For a swimsuit fabrics of the most commonly used at present, applicable to mid-priced products. Polyester fabrics: for one-way, two side stretch elastic fabrics. Because of limited stretch, mostly used in swimming trunks or fission swimsuit, does not apply to the swimsuit. Can be part of the splicing or low price strategy application of fabrics. In swimsuit and garment accessories, the design of the swimsuit to 'comfort', 'intimate' is the primary principle. According to the investigation and analysis, materials mostly used in nylon, and fabric need to elastic degree, not only affect consumers wearing comfort. So choose to use clothing textiles, 'elastic' it is absolutely necessary. Trends, if need to use a metal, acrylic, the inelastic accessories such as shell, is designed to be need to choose not to affect the location of the garment body elastic. Application of appropriate, auxiliary materials have an excellent effect make the finishing point.

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