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Swimsuit fiber composition of product quality standards

by:PHAYON     2020-09-14

swimsuit fiber composition of product quality standard fiber content is the main unqualified project, swimsuit product spot-check qualified rate is far lower than the other sampling project, but in recent years, with the official supervision at all levels and enterprises improve quality consciousness, the qualified rate of rising trend year by year. The cause of fiber content is unqualified mainly include: (1) first of all, the fiber content test for technicians to level the demand is higher, most corporate laboratories cannot be established corresponding self-checking capability, enterprises in the uncertain component content of the raw materials used and are not willing to inspection or unwilling to swarms inspection, when the production is according to the supplier to provide more fiber composition data or estimated composition data to make the product label, accuracy is poor. (2) the enterprise make a fiber content label, in different materials, different mixture on the products of the time. Or only by experience are identified; (3) part of the enterprise to the country about the fiber content the requirements of the said not clear, failed to correct understanding of GB 5296. 4 - 2012. 。 FZ / T 01053 - 2007 textile fiber content identification and other related standards; (4) individual companies intentionally shoddy, knowing that the material is of low performance and low value but deliberately fibers for high performance and high value of the fiber, or intentionally elevation of high performance fiber content, with low grade of product as high grade product, misdirect consumer.

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