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Show the swimsuit must understand the knowledge

by:PHAYON     2020-09-12

show swimsuit must understand the knowledge in all kinds of preparation before, one thing should be enterprise must be clear, that is: sure show you want to achieve. According to the German exhibition association ( AUMA) A basic analysis of enterprise participation goal targets, product, price, promotion, sales goals. As a result, sales is the ultimate goal, but not at the exhibition of the most important work. Enterprise participation to achieve the goal of promoting enterprise image, enhance corporate reputation, close contact with customers, the introduction of new products, improve product visibility, exchange information, such as purpose, and its target of 70% of the content as a way to meet new clients. Enterprises the fundamental purpose is to sell, show only a means, but this does not mean that the enterprise participation when signing the order number is equal to the effect. The purpose of the enterprise participation in addition to display new products, improve enterprise well-knownness, or the best way to know the market changes, what kind of products are the most popular on the market, your competition of various dynamic, these will be fair to give you the most valuable thing, it can let you in a timely manner to its strategy implementation and adjustment. Clear purpose will start after the corresponding participation measures taken for the purpose, the following is the most basic and necessary: 1, the details about the exhibition tools: the tools needed for many in the exhibition, the exhibition host can provide what, how much is the need to prepare. This detail to the tables and chairs water and electricity, etc. , don't know in detail, the exhibition would be too rush when looking for deployment. Activity: show many kinds of activities held by the organizers usually cooperate, these activities include some games, technology lectures, etc. , enterprise if you can participate in these activities, will be a lot of information and propaganda. Exhibition advertising: the exhibition catalogue and outdoor venue advertising, familiar with fair and exhibition companies will achieve good publicity effect. 2, adequate preparation cost budget: exhibitors should be ahead of time cost budget. For exhibition booth fee, booth decoration decorate, exhibits transportation, air ticket train long-distance fares, modernize the city transportation, accommodation, equipment rental, advertising costs, material and printing, gifts production, meeting room rental fees, etc. Exhibition materials: flyers or manual is the basic tool, propaganda enterprise enterprise to get good publicity effect, exhibition information is very important, can show the level and the strength of an enterprise. Staff: the right staff, can get a better display effect, better sales performance. Staff should possess the following basic conditions: the company's products and technologies have deeper professional knowledge; Self-confidence, strong ability to adapt; Outgoing personality, easy to communicate with people. Dress: visual image is one of the most influential, staff is the spokesman of the company, during the exhibition should dress formally, unified clothing, on the one hand, on behalf of the company's image, on the other hand is also respect for the visitors. Elegant solemn clothing will give visitors a good impression. : the exhibition booth is a battlefield, favorable battlefield combat fit. Booth arrangement is very exquisite, not of money must be good, how to through the booth highlight the personality characteristics and striking in the many booths, can highlight the enterprise purpose, at the same time to launch products or improve their image. 3, observing media trend is the window of the mass media, the exhibition especially pay attention to the media, which media will be special report, which will be broadcast live every day, is now a media s, now is also s initiative, it is very important how to sell yourself to the media. Plan not change, the more careful and detailed preparation is to cope with a variety of possible, suggest companies should begin early, so seize the moment.

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