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Running clothes choice also have skills

by:PHAYON     2020-07-28
'There is no bad weather, only not enough good clothing. The famous saying 'also applies to runners. At the beginning, of course, you can wear cotton tracksuits and t-shirts. But in the past few years, sportswear fabrics than sneakers have a bigger development. A good workout clothes, functional sportswear quality custom make annual training not only possible, but also improved the security of the running, fun and comfort, also reduced the occurrence of injury. Workout clothes custom style pants vest and jacket when the choose and buy, do not choose too loose style. A lot of people running in large cotton jacket or fashionable but not suitable for loose breeches of the movement. At the beginning when running, someone want to continue with shoulder pads. But on the other hand, mutual friction will hinder for running clothing - So you won't be able to run against his body swinging arms, legs will be rubbing against each other. Second, on the other hand, such running can speed up your weight down. Believe my people will soon choose better on some clothes and elastic pants, to ensure that the exercise is not sloppily. You also don't wear too warm, because the latest 10 minutes after you start, your body temperature will rise, wear more have to tie clothes off in the hips, which hinder the movement of the arm. Your dress is suitable for running training, not suitable for stand up. Even when running a marathon, many contestants wear too thick in hot weather, many running speed of the players wearing sleeveless tights and mesh shirt. The armpit level on a shirt and tight should not be cut too narrow, otherwise easy to scratch the skin. If the weather is hot, sweat more, thigh can occur between skin abrasions. With sweat, the residue on the surface of the salt will be on the surface of the skin friction each other. In fact, this in the process of running chafed skin, smearing vaseline can avoid the worst results in order to avoid these unpleasant situation, should try on new clothes, a few times more before the game to make it more personal. It is important to note that when the weather is cold or snow, with functional materials of gloves, hats and headband can also work well. The head and neck at least 40% of the heat loss of the body! So the right style is very important, the swimsuit factory choosing workout clothes customization must see functional sportswear is a part of zhejiang, oh.

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