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Quanzhou swimsuit wholesale swimwear brand preferred

by:PHAYON     2020-07-25

quanzhou swimsuit wholesale swimwear brand preferred

quanzhou clothing factory was established in April 2003. Is a collection of r &d, production, processing, wholesale swimsuit manufacturers, has advanced full computer sewing machine equipment, mainly is the swimsuit wholesale, processing a bathing suit, bathing suits on a commission basis is given priority to, quanzhou swimsuit wholesale mainly produces high-grade men and women, children's swimwear swimsuit, clothing factory since its inception uphold; Quality. Innovation. The good faith. The customer was a business philosophy serves the masses of customers! We have our own create swimwear brand:! Quanzhou swimsuit

the swimsuit is garment factories for high-end customers tailor-made new brand. Better represent auspicious beautiful; The meaning of qi is rare praise; One means colorful glory. Reminiscent of the flower in full bloom, atmosphere and magic beautiful woman, is more a kind of unique, undoubtedly the domineering. Quanzhou swimsuit

the English name of concept is based on the English translation, and easy to remember. Core slogan 'emotional exotic beauty, the water' clever 'brand name used in advertising language, deepen the impression that the audience; 'in' two characters reveal a belief of beauty, conform to the popular positioning.

quanzhou swimsuit logo design concept comes from the surface of the rolling waves and posture of canna. Arrange ladder graphics, symbol of the ambition of the feet on the ground to the higher realms, like a abstract ships again at the same time, on behalf of the beat up in a swimsuit industry, smooth, forward into another blue ocean bay. The clever design of the font in both English and Chinese fusion, make the whole more elegant feminine sense, the international style.

chose purple and navy color, noble, elegant purple and enthusiastic red blend mutually, revealed a different spirit of passion. The same blue sea water, clear, the vast, will develop into the pursuit of the eternal, led the image of the morale up.

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