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Quanzhou swimsuit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall: swimsuit how to choose the right swimsuit turns into a swimsuit beauty

by:PHAYON     2020-09-17

- quanzhou swimsuit factory Bikini beauty about swimwear options: fit swimming suit: swimming suit to wear in the body feel warmth is advisable. If too big, easy to take water when swimming, increased body weight and drag. As for the quality of a material, the elderly should choose pure wool or cotton products, with dark advisable; The young man can choose beach type nylon swimming suit, bright color to add beauty. How to choose and buy a swimsuit? Ordinary people embarrassed too revealing clothes in public places, so about how to choose and buy the right swimsuit to modify my body is every consumer pays attention to the issue. The following a few size to illustrate how to select appropriate swimsuit: type a, western pear: physical features: on the body belongs to narrow down the wide, upper body is petite lower half the size of the larger area, most of the Oriental female belong to this kind of bodily form. How to choose and buy: this kind of bodily form of dress is way to choose the swimsuit made shoulder line look wider, and choose to modify the lower half size models. Hoist type: physical characteristics: hoist type and the difference between western pear type hoist type belongs to the up and down all but wide waist fine, that is to say, look is but a slim waist, hips, chest full round. How to choose and buy: pay special attention to the body of the defects on the choose and buy, should prevent the design too exaggerated style, mainly focuses on the design of waist line model. For example: the waist have a special adornment or models of the crepe. Three, straight type: physical characteristics: it looks very thin, from head to toe is straight, complete no waist. How to choose and buy: due to the whole body have no proud flesh, and therefore appropriate dress two pieces type swimsuit, try to highlight girth lower body can choose line relatively loose style, such as A word skirt. Factory - Bikini beauty four, barrel type: physical characteristics: either chest or hips, whole body seems to be the flesh. How to choose and buy: to choose not to have too many complex design style as far as possible, try to choose dark suit to decorate, or the choose and buy has modified the model of line on both sides of the waist. Five, the apple type: physical features: on the shoulder wide circumference proud, is usually 'broader' shoulder than the hips. How to choose and buy: appropriate clothing line is simple, the style of cutting out sharply, to reduce the design of the upper body too much fine plait, or too bright prints, upper body as far as possible simple, generous, can focus on the lower half to emphasize. Six, small breast shape: features: for chest be small woman, wear a suit is a challenge. In fact, those who added padding or gathered type swimsuit is not the only choice, is neither comfortable nor fashion. How to choose and buy: the choice clipping clever swimsuit is recommended. Chest be small benefit is that you can wear the very sexy swimsuit and not just tawdry. No wipes bosom, shaping the material and the psychedelic patterns, let small chest also confident. Seven, big breast shape: question: do you take a fancy to a design beautiful bikini, but shoppers will soon give you poured cold water: is greater than the design of C cup does not exist. How to choose and buy: D cup to F cup big yards of the swimsuit is not necessarily an aunt. Proposal chooses a shoulder strap with steel ring supporting a good swimsuit, let you also won't embarrassed when playing beach volleyball. Women's bathing suit choice: a little bit you will discover that, all kinds of swimsuit that draws the outline of the female image is very different, carefully selected swimsuit features are more pay attention to itself, fat, thin body to be able to rely on swimsuit performance advantages and characteristics of itself. 1, even bathing suits for the swimsuit is dressed up, the insurance, the classical about shy woman, is a good choice. 2, the boxer type swimsuit about women don't want to show himself, is to guarantee safe line of defence, this style all the rage in the 20 ~ 30 s, is a prominent representative of classical. But its shortcomings are obvious jujube can appear short legs, so be careful to choose. 3, with a skirt suit for hips flat woman, choose a part of the body with a skirt suit is very appropriate, to engage in both visual beautification hips line, and can show beautiful legs. 4, even swimsuit can make women looks more slim body fat. Double color stitching style very fat woman wearing appropriate, longitudinal arrangement and the use of the zipper color can make people look tall. Also appropriate body a short woman. 5, separates choice, has always been a fashionable girl body good women can choose. But the fire is best style swimsuit sand and sun baths. Guangdong - swimsuit factory processing Bikini beauty of 6, before make big v-neck even dress swimsuit if your chest is very full and waist, hips too hypertrophy, say big V is gotten even clothes before bathing suit is very suitable to wear. The swimsuit is romantic and gentle, but when the choice pattern is not too loud, otherwise will affect the overall effect. 7, chest belt pattern of the swimsuit is not the full chest woman can wear the chest belt pattern of swimsuit, can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. 8, designs for the swimsuit in the swimming pool maximum performance of your gorgeous clear, girl dominate of thin body. When the choice attention commensurate with color, brown skin to choose bright yellow green, western red, gold, silver, etc. Choose pink color and ivory skin gentle violet. If your stroke is very confident of himself, don't choose blue swimsuit, otherwise, the water can't find your trace, and of those who like the sunshine girl, can choose a few color soft colors. 9, pure color swimsuit good health women's patent. A black or white bikini, can make you stand on the beach. Pure color swimsuit behind usually have a lot of exposure, if your figure is very beautiful, also just as well have a try.

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