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Protect the swimsuit little common sense

by:PHAYON     2020-07-23

to protect even the swimsuit little common sense:

to buy a bathing suit to see the color, the color to highlight the posture and to form the overall skin tone is very important, also show your personality. Both for black and white is suitable for any skin tone, by contrast, black is more practical and insurance, it can hide shortcomings, correctly and in a white bathing suit a high requirement to the body, white often have clear when wet, if the swimsuit material is not very good, can make you embarrassed.
even swimsuit a little common sense:
a, dryers and blower is strictly prohibited.
2, chlorine water of swimming pool will hurt cloth, please get wet with water before swimming.
3, avoid friction on the rough surface.
please as soon as possible after four, swimming, washing with water.
5, careful sunscreen cosmetics can hurt even the swimsuit cloth.

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