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Physical full-figured women wear what kind of bathing suit

by:PHAYON     2020-09-01

constitution full-figured women wear what kind of bathing suit physical full-figured women, not because of tight swimsuit and appear slim, on the contrary, too tight to expose the defects in shape. Young woman who had been fueling the optional vertical stripes of brightly colored swimsuit, to show the fit and youthful vitality, avoid by all means on bikini styles, choose & quot; The outfit that show a back & quot; Bathing suit is more suitable. Swimwear girls in elementary and middle school should be the color bright is dazzing, according to fitness and lively girl. Smaller breasts, wear or fold swimsuit with the horizontal pattern, legs less coarse select leg with a picture of the black box swimsuit, slender legs can be caused. With strong chest can choose twill patterns or large printing design of the swimsuit, can get people's attention from the breast removed, to achieve the result of cover. For a figure a pear shaped, belly can choose three color swimsuit, the color of the waist cross collocation, the waist is brunet can mask under uplift in the stomach.

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