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Online shopping swimsuit qualified rate than entity swimsuit manufacturer's qualified rate is low

by:PHAYON     2020-09-11

online swimsuit qualified rate is lower than entity swimsuit manufacturer's qualified rate of summer arrived, natatorium and began to fire, but many people don't know, your body wear swimsuit may be unreliable. Pledges inspect bureau was announced yesterday the swimsuit product sampling inspection report this year, percent of pass is 45. 5%, among which the online product percent of pass is only 31. 83 2%, well below the entity shop. The qualification rate of 3%. Unqualified products mostly is to identify unqualified and part of the swimsuit is sun easy to change color or fade, tensile properties, easy to cause the problem such as 'wardrobe malfunction'. Tensile elastic elongation can reflect the pros and cons of swimwear fabric, fabric tensile elastic elongation is high, after wearing out of shape not easily. If can not meet the requirements, is likely to occur when using partial rupture, create 'wardrobe malfunction' awkward to users. A lot of natatorium is open, people go swimming swimsuit will be exposed to the sun, if the swimsuit color fastness to light is unqualified, it is easy to change color or fade, affect beautiful. The sampling inspection found 13 unqualified batch samples of the project. If the sample analysis from the aspects of price, quality and price were positively correlated, and less than RMB 100 swimsuit percent of pass is only 25. 0%, 100 - 200 yuan between the percent of pass is 41. Qualification rate of 9%, more than 200 yuan, 67. 6%.

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