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One-piece give priority to play this summer

by:PHAYON     2020-09-05
Give priority to dozen of bikini
this summer one-piece slowly jilted fashion wind vane, one-piece return completely in the last century. This year trend, one-piece became absolute flagship, the deep V of sexy, hollowing out the waist design, draw lessons from the details of the dress, let a one-piece bury the conservative image, with a new face in succession, swimsuit, beach and poolside costumes, social function is more and more is on the agenda. One-piece swimsuit new name is 'poolside dress', can be seen from the name, sex, hot, hot, such as adjectives have been OUT, for now the swimsuit, the most important thing is elegant and polite. This is the case, in summer holiday season has come, whether the beach holiday, or simply relax in the hotel swimming pool, a princess cruise ship involve dealing with a friend or a stranger, a suit of bikini there will always be the feeling of wearing lingerie, let a person more or less put don't open. But the poolside dress, appropriate and design are also important, a good one-piece swimsuit will make you feel safe and confident, not in the water fear hands and feet. This season's swimsuit, pure and fresh. Abandoned the colorful, each suit only one mass-tone to move, much like the dress, to Jane's black and white is still popular, and Marine related elements is also very hot, let a person feel more elegant and cool and refreshing. One-piece in design are also increasingly stress the aesthetic feeling of natural, noble, the overall cut, in the place such as chest multi-purpose hollow out, decorated ornamental design and the crotch cut is no longer up 1 vigorously raise, dignified and elegant. In fact, than the bikini, one-piece may let the Chinese people to accept some more easily. Because the fabric is more, in the design also has the possibility of numerous, which position is not perfect, feel bore a cloak and room for improvement. On the other hand, at least one-piece prevent bask in the effect is much better than bikini - — After all, we live in a beautiful country for white.

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