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Muslim women's exclusive swimsuit

by:PHAYON     2020-09-08

the Muslim women's exclusive swimsuit Muslim Canon teach Muslim beauty not in front of the alien in addition to a husband and father other body naked except for the face, hands and feet. So the merchants was specially built for muslims the beauty of this unique swimsuit, and named the 'burkini'. In today's existence to a certain extent, the more, the more famous, in the more exposed, the fashion of the manners, as well as in inappropriate places and cultural background of the bikini and thongs in sight, but many Muslim women wearing all kinds of 'burkini' swimsuit. To this, we do not need to make any praise or blame, but one thing is no doubt about it, that is the Muslim woman, they abide by their national social customs and religious culture, they for the diversity of world culture adds to the diversity of bright color. Beauty has a different standard, value orientation and historical tradition. Need cultural pluralism and tolerance of the world, and this kind of pluralism and tolerance, first of all should be based on maintaining their national cultural traits. On the other hand, the fire for the culture of other ethnic groups and is proper or not, blindly, David fathi, not only the person who lost his temperament, spirit sentiment, traditional culture and social responsibility, more will lose their national culture of the yuan and the inner beauty, and even the world's cultural diversity form and connotation.

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