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Male knee-length swimming trunks in power this year

by:PHAYON     2020-09-08

this year knee-length male swimming trunks in power type mainly has four kinds of swimming trunks, including the triangular swimming trunks, swim trunks, flat feet and knees swimming trunks and beach pants. Past flat foot swimming trunks are the most popular style, and this year, more and more people like to buy the knee swimming trunks and beach pants. Like the swimsuit, swim trunks also will divide the occasion, in the indoor swimming pool, the former three can, go to the beach to play, will usually choose tight swimming trunks, or beach pants. Male consumers generally believe that wear triangular swimming trunks, the height requirement is higher, so most would choose relatively conservative flat foot swimming trunks, but this year the knee swimming trunks suddenly pop up, let a person a bit by surprise. This has something to do with swimming environment, most previous public swimming pool without air conditioning, now a lot of star hotel in the city's swimming pool is indoor swimming pool, and is equipped with air conditioning environment, pool and leisure facilities, comfortable man resting after swimming in a pool, swimming trunks too short easy to catch a cold, they will choose long knee-length swimming trunks. Professional swimming trunks and knee, can design according to the human body muscle grain, make flexible body activity, also has a role in cultivate one's morality. In beach leisure vacation, Europe and the United States men used to choose wide body knee length directly when swimming trunks of beach pants, the young man is affected by this, also began to choose beach pants, while he was on vacation this year, a new show dark grain beach pants under the influence of water is quite popular. Not all beach pants can be used directly when swimming trunks, must have a gauze substrate can - — Used for the isolation of sand, the sea wave playing, playing on the beach, sand friction will not directly on the body.

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