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How to choose suits stitches?

by:PHAYON     2020-09-18
Choose suitable sutures for bathing suit the quality of our products and have the unexpected effect is concise and beautiful appearance.

1, line with general line, the bottom line with nylon thread: ordinary sewing machine stitched elastic cloth, needle can choose according to its thickness material thickness, thick material like clothes just a pullover to commonly used sewing machine needle, thin material like long lycra should choose fine sewing needle.

2, presser foot of sewing machine according to the size of the material of its thickness and elastic appropriately adjust the height, fabric elasticity presser foot can be raised. Stitched elastic fabric stitch as small as possible, not necessarily can be reference to similar material finished stitch size, especially the open wire stitch choose appropriate can greatly improve the quality of the manual.

3, sewing thread, elastic cloth sewing online using ordinary sewing thread, offline can choose two elastic nylon line, is to do the kind of nylon silk flower line, the line can be adapted to the elasticity of fabric, prevent the finished product in line after break phenomenon.
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