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High-tech special competitive swimsuit

by:PHAYON     2020-09-06

high-tech competitive swimsuit special federal institute of technology in lausanne, Switzerland motion analysis and measurement lab engineers designed a waterproof device, called 'Physilog Ⅲ'. The device volume small, can take in your hand. It is an inertial sensor system, equipped with accelerometer and gyroscope can be sewn into the body swimsuits on the arms and legs inside the pocket, measuring time, speed, acceleration and instantaneous speed after turned off the pool wall. This device is still in the prototype stage. In the design, it is used to reduce the useless action, raising the grade of the swimmer. In addition, the researchers developed a special underwater breathing tube, the measurement of air speed, improve their breathing techniques. Currently, this device has been used in freestyle and breast stroke players training. Reduce the resistance of bathing suit, bathing suits, swimming cap, goggles into a system, developed by Speedo Fastskin3 competition system for the first time the swimsuit, swim cap and goggles. They improve the performance of a bathing suit the use of fluid mechanics, thus raising the grade of the player. Research shows that this system can reduce the passive resistance of the whole body is 16. Economy increased by 11%, 6%, oxygen body active resistance to reduce 5. 2%. Fastskin3 competition system in design conforms to the provisions of the international swimming federation in 2010, the bathing suit body size is less than the previous general swimsuit. Speedo company to improve the appearance of a new generation of goggles, including lens relative to the position of the eyes, nose rack design and installation of side frame assembly and seal design. The company's new goggles creates less turbulence, turbulence can affect the results. Team head scanning was used to study the caps of different design, mainly focused attention on the on the player's hair, the resistance to a minimum.

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