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During the HongKong exhibition in April 2013, US customers visited the booth to understand the company's research and development capabilities and order operation procedures, took out their own mermaid products, discussed improvement plans and placed 30,000 orders on site. In the middle of May, we received the color card within 10 days after receiving the deposit from the customer. The cloth swatches and the initial samples were sent to the customer for confirmation.

On May 25th, the customer confirmed all the approvals. On May 26th, our company began to arrange large-size fabrics. Production, and at the same time arrange the proofing of the samples of accessories such as tag and washing. On June 13th, the production of large-scale fabrics was completed. During the period, the confirmation of this accessory was received and the large-scale production was carried out. On June 15th, the production department began a series of processes such as fabric cutting, offset printing, and finished sewing.

On July 30th, more than 30,000 finished products were rolled out as scheduled, and after rigorous inspection by the quality control department, 232 pieces of defective products were selected and post-packaging work was carried out. On August 8th, the customer arranged their QC to the company for quality inspection.

The result was in line with the customer's request. After paying the final payment on August 13th, the customer informed us to arrange shipping. The whole order process was smooth and orderly, and the two parties cooperated happily. The first time the order was turned over in May of the following year until now , the two parties have cooperated cooperated for 7 years.

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