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Girls how to choose a swimsuit?

by:PHAYON     2020-09-15

the summer is coming, and wish to take a dip in the water. If you are a fan of swimming, is indispensable to a suitable swimsuit, here are a few select swimsuit gist: even a bathing suit: the safest and the most classical swimsuit, suitable for shy girl boxer type swimsuit: suitable for wide shoulder or thigh thin woman wearing twill, tall waist swimsuit: the design of the lower abdomen has the modification effect of the micro belt skirt suits: suitable for hips flat woman, can beautify the hip line geometric pattern suits: geometrical design can let you of short legs, the leg appears slender patchwork swimsuit, stitching design make a figure you look slimmer separates: on the two-piece swimsuit is most suitable for sand and sun bathing v-neck swimsuit: bosom plump, waist, hip is more hypertrophy flower-like pattern you bathing suits: the brain-based, look more fat on the vision has fold or falbala: bust size smaller lady, might as well choose a bikini swimsuit: bikini swimsuit is the patent of good figure women swimsuits color choice: choose the swimsuit will do that should be commensurate with color! ! Professional separation swimsuit, swimming suit, children's swimsuit manufacturers such as quanzhou swimsuit factory to undertake domestic swimwear orders, OEM swimwear orders. Interested customers may with itu or online contact number: Huang Sheng tel: 0769 - 88650318 turn 806 ( Artificial transfer) QQ: 355552888

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