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【 Experts read] Children's swimsuit testing and quality

by:PHAYON     2020-07-28
Swimming, swimming became beloved summer activities, especially children's enthusiasm about water much harder to give up. Is child swimsuit not daily dress clothing, but due to its been close-fitting clothing, and long soak in the pool or the sea, to the quality request is higher. A, children's swimsuit detection based on what? Children swimsuits and adults swimsuit executed according to the fabric weaving process ordinary FZ/T 73013 'knitting swimsuits or FZ/T 81021 - 2014 'woven swimsuit' specification. In the majority with knitting swimsuits on the market, thus marked common children swimwear products on the market of FZ/T 73013 - 2010 specification for knitting a swimsuit. At the same time, children suit to agree with GB 31701 - 2015 'standard of infant and child textile products safe technology' rules. Children swimwear analogy in assessment of the quality of key indicators include: safe sex quality indicators - — Resistance to water, perspiration, rubbing color fast, formaldehyde content, pH value, can synthesize carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, bad breath, rope request. Performance swimsuit product performance indicators - — The fastness to water, chlorinated water resistant ( Swimming pool) Color fastness, color fastness to light and tensile elastic elongation, resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) The tensile elastic recovery rate. Second, children's swimsuit substandard quality common problem have? Children swimsuit below-standard quality common problems include touch rope taking safe sex requests, and hit a warm sex tensile elastic elongation. Presents the cause of the above problem is children suit consumer companies did not recognize the swimsuit in use some rope to children exist safe hidden trouble, or on the request of the rope of the children's clothing related specifications are not understood. Fabric tensile elastic elongation below-standard quality mainly is the enterprise for production quality control is lax, the performance index of swimsuit products is not clear, also does not eliminate enterprise exists the lucky psychology, thought by random probability smaller without professional testing and products. Three, children's swimsuit test what are the key points? Swimwear brand OEM suit for children testing to the specification, the key points of the first is to choose children swimwear is not as long as the conjunction of FZ/T 73013 'knitting swimsuits or FZ/T 81021 - 2014 the woven swimwear swimsuit specification request, also to meet the country compulsive standard GB 31701 - 2015 'infant and child textile products safe technology standard' requests, companies often ignored in product use to clarify ( Tags) Annotations in GB 31701 - 2015 'standard of infant and child textile products safe technology' and safe technology category. Children's swimsuit ordinary compare with small size, if there is stitching is hard to stop on the style tensile elastic elongation, resistance to chloride water ( Swimming pool) And tensile elastic recovery rate test, so children swimwear products as far as possible to provide raw materials to stop testing, so as to avoid residual project for shortage of sample size. Children's swimsuit design should focus on consumption and pay attention to what aspects? Children swimwear consumption and design should be emphatically pay attention to: the location of the rope, size dress safe sex, try to choose the style of the large pieces of cloth were designed in order to enhance children's dress warm and prevent bask in, raw material choice stretching has good elasticity, good color fastness, breathable, chemical properties of safe environmental protection material. Product design should pay special attention to when bathing suit cover up the head and neck, shoulder, back, waist line belt should fit GB 31701 - 2015 'standard of infant and child textile products safe technology' of the rules; Style on use less as far as possible, so that the wear of the fission type structure is given priority to, to reduce or prevent the use of bikini class adult style; High-quality spandex fabrics collocation with nylon or polyester fiber, spandex content at 18% ~ 20% advisable, swimsuit, with lining layer fabrics can choose pure cotton material, to reduce the stimulation of the skin, swimsuit crotch due and lining cloth, add clothes sweet feeling. Need to according to the country before fabric garment consumption norms for its chemical and physical properties to stop testing, testing qualified to stop scrap consumption. When choosing swimwear factory, swimsuit wholesale should pay attention to what? About when consumer choose and buy bathing suit children, should purchase elastic medium is easy to wear swimsuit, stop trying on when the choose and buy, with neither because the water gravity pull for the swimsuit, also not too close to the body to produce squeezing are advisable. Best to avoid joining together more swimsuit style, select the stitch is dense, flat round products, otherwise too much movement line to joining together. Initiative choice two-piece swimsuit, lunch children wear off. About skin sensitive children, can choose the layer swimsuit for pure cotton material. When going to the beach or outdoor swimming pool, body cladding of choose and buy the swimsuit with larger area, such as the short sleeve shirt and 5 minutes of pants, long sleeve blouse and trousers, reduce the risk of sunburn in children. The rope in the consumers pay special attention to the swimsuit, don't choose the style of the neck, back, etc with, probably trapped children, cause children hurt.

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