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Even the swimsuit push board is introduced

by:PHAYON     2020-08-23

even the swimsuit pushed the plate is introduced, in the process of the plate at the push of the swimsuit, must according to certain swimsuit species such as male and female version, four open body and six open body do certain difference, such as not alike. Specific operating requirements are as follows: the shift of a portion of the 1, poor distribution in two parts, the two put shrink the total difference is equal to the sum of the parts file is poor. 2, pushing board, the poor parts of the gear can only take the zoom in vertical or horizontal direction, and cannot take the zoom on the diagonal lines. 3, the various parts of the gear differential reasonable allocation, zooming, according to need to put the scaling of the specifications of the various samples and standard motherboard of similar or the same shape. 4, two parts of the relevant even if in the opposite direction when scaling goes on, the file is poor relatively large parts according to the gear differential numerical scaling, the part of the poor little scale value, it is the difference between the two parts by subtracting the result. 5, some auxiliary point or auxiliary line, but also need according to the proportion of the swimsuit, zoom. But these auxiliary parts zoom value added in the parts of the main difference of scale and value.

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