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Eight swimsuit manufacturers design unique swimsuit light this summer

by:PHAYON     2020-09-13

the swimsuit manufacturer to design unique swimsuit light sweaters mix bikini this summer, if you are in the early morning or evening want to go to the seaside for a walk, remember to set a sweater outside, because the sea temperature difference is bigger, the wind is strong, also can choose short knitwear, can not only warm but also small dew and sexy, let a person see your bikini. Around the shoulder bikini, bikini, if you love triangle design besides RaoGeng style, single round shoulder bikini that would be your good choice, style and elegant, not only with a skirt or lace blouse is also very beautiful. Dig a bikini, v-neck and already have a special design of the sleeve of the five points, but it is not enough, belly of bold hollowed modelling more let we can't ignore, always like different maybe you should give it a try! Wine, neon color bikini, sunshine with a bikini, fluorescent color item become no longer abrupt, interestingly can choose two different color swimsuit do mix! Black and white stitching swimsuit, want to show a little and sexy, but dare not to try too exposure suit you, but try it black and white Mosaic color piece swimsuit, combines the elegance and mysterious black of white, the waist of the hollow design will show your good figure after hard exercise. Sport bikini, if you are not that kind of pure wearing a bikini girls wanted to go to the beach sunbathing, you want to play beach volleyball and even surfing, can only say that sport bikini, won't make you disappointed, sport bikini maybe not as good as the general design and sexy, but also can reveal the line of your health and skin color! Vest style swimsuit, if you are a really afraid of sunburn, but also very lazy don't want to rub sunscreen girl, can refer to the long sleeve swimsuit that restore ancient ways, high collar design, combined with four square vest collars, under the wind back to the agitation restoring ancient ways is very stylish! Surf bathing suit design, in fact, there is no denying that we actually more or less all girl an envious of sport, and in the sea the most notable is the surfer girl, lithe and graceful figure and wet hair, by the sea is really hot! Even if not surfing also just as well, put on surfing design swimsuit time!

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