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Digital printing high-grade swimsuit what are different

by:PHAYON     2020-08-22

brand suits the digital printing what are the different advantages has confirmed in production? Each professional swimsuit above there are some design, making the pattern on the one hand is generally better use digital printing technology for production, so what's the advantage of digital printing and characteristics? Below we together to understand understand! Professional swimsuit digital printing advantages and features: 1. New concept of printing process is simple, direct spray printing, greatly simplify the printing process 2. No need plate making, short cycle directly proofing, saves the plate-making cost and cycle, a flower form the strike-off, 3 hours can delivery. Small batch, many varieties for single piece and small batch of personalized digital printing technology in the production of professional swimsuit obtained the very good development, digital printing technology also got certain improvement in many of the digital printing technology.

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