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Clothing in myth

by:PHAYON     2020-09-10

the clothing in the myth of the female's charm, is the personal character, temperament, accomplishment, appearance, life attitude, integrated embodiment of its outfit effect, etc. A woman in a coordinated, decent clothing show their own literacy, hobby and pursuit; With good image, attract the attention of others and goodwill, admire admire the beautiful. But some beautiful often variation, often run counter to the people's wishes, appear counterproductive results. That's because you accidentally walked into the dressing of error on the relationship between the charm and sex appeal processing, some also have a disappointing place. In some ways, can coordinate with the surrounding environment, can add light society. with itself, can make people pay attention to the garment is attractive. Properly exposed skin, is an efficient way of display charm. But through the mask or outstanding parts, stressed, or show off sexual characteristics, it will attract people's cockiness lenovo. We usually say of sexy clothing does not depend on the degree of skin, but to highlight the key and adapt to the environment. Such as bare more social evening dress, smooth white neck exposed to outside, show the charm of mature women. This kind of dress if also appear in the small streets, can only coquettes par. Bikini three-point swimsuit in worked as romantic and beautiful, just hurts weathering in the street. Sometimes only pleasing charm and sex appeal, when the choice to cause attention. Ultra short leather skirt is very popular now, for example, wear well the line of sight of people couldn't help to be fixed on the round plump thighs. As suitable for display in the presence of intimate lover dress, do not appear in public. At the same time also should attach great importance to the manner of their words and deeds. A man like teasing, itself have a sexy signals. There are a lot of people, perhaps due to their own cultural quality is not too high, is perhaps the lack of dress sense, some dress appeared in public hardly conducive to personal image setting up, instead, lower your grade. Summer, such as: no petticoat, but wear light color skirt outfit, make ham and strainght underwear; Wear a high transparency coat, a chest and the strong contrast of grain; The tight jacket, lining out bra out proud flesh; Pants tight package buttocks, show a deep mark on the pants. 。 。 。 。 。 The wear dress, just make homosexual or heterosexual embarrassed, become the laughing stock of others. Neither self-respect, more impolite. Is not sexy, less attractive. Putting on his hat and coat, probably can't see the scenery, is a woman life no matter how, all roads lead to Rome, not south.

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