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Choose women's bathing suit techniques

by:PHAYON     2020-07-26

for women wanting to choose a suitable own bodily form, foil own temperament, swimsuit show their personality, it is very important! As a manufacturer, we give you some Suggestions from the perspective of professional! ( For reference only)

  ( 1) One-piece: one-piece is the safest, most classical dress and swimsuit for shy woman is a good choice.

  ( 2) Flat foot type swimsuit: for not willing to show their female, flat foot bathing suit a bit more conservative, but its weakness is can let a leg appear very short, so be careful choice. Boxer also suit to thinner thighs people wear swimsuit.

  ( 3) Tall waist style swimsuit, alvine small woman, appropriate chooses tall waist style swimsuit, best match twill, to achieve to waist effect, also can deflect attention, to achieve the effect of modification.

  ( 4) Skirt pendulum swimsuit: for hips flat woman, choose skirt pendulum swimsuit is very appropriate, can not only beautify the hip line, from the vision and can show the beautiful leg, more can show your grace!

  ( 5) Separates: the choice of is fashionable woman, a good woman can choose, show your personality!

  ( 6) Big v-neck even body type swimsuit: if your chest is very plump, waist, hip and very fat, can choose a big v-neck swimsuit, but design is not too loud, otherwise will influence effect, show your sexy!

  ( 7) Bikini: everybody always thought that the bikini is good shape women's patent, in fact, even if you don't have a good figure, as long as the choice of appropriate bikini, can cleverly disguised shape has shortcomings, let you show charm, and become a beach scenery! ( Pay special attention to style collocation and color)

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