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Choose the time of children suit some parts need to be aware of

by:PHAYON     2020-07-27
The high temperature of summer heat can let a person feel very uncomfortable, summer swimming is also a good season, bring your own baby go to the swimming pool is very beautiful thing, but the choice of children suit is important, children suit choice must pay attention to the place has a lot of, the below small make up, you can give you a detailed analysis of it! 1, fabric baby skin is very delicate, must choose fabrics feel soft, fabric quality qualified swimsuit, it will not produce for baby skin irritation, allergic condition, etc. Children, color 2 swimsuits preferred color bright and colorful fabric, usually children themselves like this kind of colour high color purity, another bright color is more likely to attract the attention of the adults, reduce the security hidden danger. 3, can design according to the different age stages to choose relatively suitable style. ( 1) Three-year-old children swimwear: can best protect the baby's navel, lest the baby in the process of playing with water cooling. One-piece is many mothers after considering various factors of choice. ( 2) Fission children swimwear: fission swimsuit convenient baby wear off and urine, and design also is varied, design elements, is the choice of many beautiful baby. ( 3) Children bikini swimsuit, bikini show children navel, will show one side of the baby is very lovely. But vulnerable to cooling, it is suggested that young children don't choose as far as possible, the health of babies is mom the first thing to consider. A baby children swimwear for themselves, the attention to the problem of the above points, will have a good buy bathing suit!

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