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Brand suits to choose maintenance strategy

by:PHAYON     2020-08-21

brand suits to choose maintenance strategy 1. Color: the color of the swimsuit to commensurate with skin color, skin color slants dark people can choose a bright color, such as light yellow, light green, silver, etc. ; If your skin is white, can choose pink, pale blue, lavender, etc. The elegant color. 2. Fabrics: had better choose thicker and not easy to deformation of fabrics, when buy you can pull the swimsuit, the degree of thickness test fabric. Size, the choose and buy swimsuit to clothes than usual size a bigger size slightly, because the swimsuit size is measured by the trunk and chest, appropriate is big not small. 3. Style: should choose according to their shape design. In terms of style, conjoined swimsuit is a universal design, any girl can wear; Figure compared to oneself self-confident girl can choose the bikini swimsuit boldly; Body fat girl, net is not suitable for wearing bright color swimsuit, different color is tie-in, longitudinal lined with zipper swimsuit can make people look more tall; Thin or figure curve of lack of choice light color, whole body patterned swimsuit, or chest decoration swimsuit; Abdomen, waist, not to buy a belt or waist special color bright swimsuit, can make the waist appears more prominent; Thigh coarser woman, appropriate chooses a skirt suit. 4. Washing: when using a swimsuit, because usually contain chlorine in the pool, chlorine corrosion swimwear fabric, so you'd better with water before the water fully wet swimsuit, it can relatively reduce the water or seawater erosion of swimsuit, in order to increase the service life of the swimsuit. Finished wash immediately with cold water bathing suit, dry in ventilated place dry naturally, cannot use high temperature drying or pressing a swimsuit, and don't directly to the swimsuit exposure under the scorching sun, in order to avoid fabric harden, brittle, affect the normal wear swimsuit.

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