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Beach swimwear beauty show charming good figure show perfect S curve

by:PHAYON     2020-07-29
Swimsuit factory
printing swimsuit play some small sexy, beach act young have a coup. Let me do a quiet beautiful girl. Show attractive hot body, big hot fresh beautiful swimsuit design have? Summer, heat wave, the sea beach profusion have temperament, all kinds of swimsuit, girl swimsuit, possesses a series of fashionable feeling. Swimsuit factory split type, can show a charming style swimsuit is beautiful modelling, the summer to play little bit sexy. Not stiff not outstanding, fly free mood, to meet the good in every day, decorate a perfect modelling beauty. Popularization of the price of high-grade quality. Quanzhou factory ( Specializing in the production of wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit, swim trunks, underwear, bras, FOBOEM provide: lady swimsuit production and processing, suit for processing. South Korean children swimwear orders production and processing, men's swimming trunks orders, production, processing, OEM production and processing of orders, the wholesale swimsuits, one undertakes to services such as quanzhou factory ( Specializing in the production of wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit, swim trunks, underwear, bras, FOBOEM order processing production process: most of the guests are on the underwear or garment production process enquiries, the swimsuit is seasonal goods. Due to the production process of swimwear factory don't understand, so give the goods time very short, give play version of the arrangement is very rough, so any formal suits factory didn't method to operation, some small workshops that can order, then after receive customer deposit hold affect customer delivery and delivery time to market. If only to offer, probably, first from the quotation: after factory received the guest's samples or drawings. So only need 1 day time. Because probably quote don't need a detailed calculation for each material, just estimated consumption and material loss can offer. This quotation is generally have a preliminary cooperation intention, want to see the factory about price or those materials not only ask factory quote us the price about all of the guests. In fact the offer is not implemented basis and randomness, not advising clients to this inquiry. General need three days time, proofing: detailed quotation. First is a technology the pattern and accounting all the material price, and then to promotional calculation of capital in detail, finally put the unit price to go out to the sales department, normal nuclear price then offer come in three days later, if guests feel the unit price will be called the factory began to pull, pull the general level of 7 - depending on the factory busy time 14 days. The single and Europe do goods peak season is not the same) If there is any modification, after three, guest confirmation sample. Required within three days retouching comments, factory houses received feedback modification time for 5 - in general 7 days. If you don't need to modify, sample OK after sales department began to talk to a guest order, long process generally bad master, depending on the guest's schedule. Business would give documentary data compilation is complete ( If there is need to translate the business also need to translate the information is complete) Fourth, after your order. Marketing Department will know supplier for material preparation, five, documentary or merchandiser to distribute the data to production department. Usually need to 15 - swimsuit material sales About 25 days. Basically see whether have prints, as well as the printed color degrees) The guest group of plate production talent began to big goods. After six and complete all materials department started to arrange the big board. Sometimes also need 35 days, Depending on the size and difficulty degree of order) Anyhow need to ship an order from your order to 40 days - 60 days. Quanzhou factory ( Specializing in the production of wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit, swim trunks, underwear, bras, FOBOEM join items: 1 of replenish onr's stock, delivery, transport,! 1 support small batch wholesale. Just 15 working days to arrange the delivery; 2 after order confirmation. By our company to arrange the most convenient mode of transportation, normally 3 modes of transportation logistics. Shipping costs to bear. 2 about your price, settlement, including packaging, more than 1 for ex-factory price quotation. No tax; 2 shipment received full manufacturer (quanzhou city Specializing in the production of wholesale swimsuits, swimsuit, swim trunks, underwear, bras, FOBOEM warmly welcome from all walks of life to visit, investigate, exchange and cooperation

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