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Bathing suit tight or loose good

by:PHAYON     2020-08-23

bathing suit tight or loose good do a lot of people buy a bathing suit the design of don't know how to wear comfortable, even the swimsuit to choose the tight spot as far as possible, otherwise the water would not fit easily exposed, and is too loose, chest retainer effect also is bad, I don't feel comfortable! With a bathing suit, it is good, 2 it is convenient to adjust themselves to make up for the swimsuit size problems, band play a few more knot is not loose, really afraid of loose can decide after good elastic fixed up when wearing it! Hot springs, hot spring bathing suits, choose as far as possible to avoid swimwear, after high temperature and soaked in serious rub off! Anyways, swimsuit suggest not to buy too big also not buy small, according to their actual size and weight to buy!

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