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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall 】 What is the sharkskin swimsuit?

by:PHAYON     2020-08-10
Bathing suit factory
sharkskin swimsuit, Speedo company makes an imitation shark skin made of high-tech swimsuit factory. In October 1999, fina officially allowed athletes wear sharkskin swimsuit competition. The Sydney 2000 games, Ian thorpe clothes sharkskin swimsuit won 3 gold MEDALS, made of sharkskin swimsuit swimming world. In 2009 world championships in sharkskin swimsuit Phelps lost in Arena biedermann, sharkskin swimsuit status in the field of high-tech swimsuit is catch up. In July 2009, before the fina decision in May 2010 the global disable high-tech swimsuits. From 2000 to the high-tech swimsuits are forbidden to use, sharkskin swimsuit factory on break world records during the period of played a huge role, also experienced from high-tech swimsuits industry dominance to overtaken by other companies. Introduction to Chinese name: sharkskin swimsuit 2000 said again: magic swimsuit, SPEEDO swimsuit, LZRRacer swimsuit, fast skin English name: shark - Skinlikeswimsuit Sydney Olympic Games swimming competition, Australia's Ian thorpe, wearing a black one-piece tight-fitting swimsuit, forward like waves in the shark, waves, winning three gold MEDALS, and he dressed in the sharkskin swimsuit also from now on the swimming world. Sharkskin swimsuit is people according to their shape characteristics of nicknames, it has more resounding name: skin quickly, the core technology is to imitate the shark's skin. Biologists found that shark skin looks rough v-shaped folds can greatly reduce the flow of the friction, make the body more efficiently through the surrounding water, the shark to swim
move rapidly. Super stretch fabric faster appearance is completely made of imitation shark skin appearance in addition, the swimsuit also fully mix the principle of bionics, juncture place imitate human tendon, backward pull power for athletes; Mimic human skin on fabrics, elastic. Experiments indicate that fast skin fiber can reduce 3% of water resistance, swimming in 1% seconds can decide the outcome of this race has special significance. Root cause: & quot; Sharkskin & quot; Used to increase buoyancy of polyurethane fiber material. In October 1999, fina officially allowed athletes wear fast skin. And about what to wear swimsuit swim faster, people have explored many years. Swimmers in the water resistance, and the density of water, the front of the swimmer area, friction coefficient and is proportional to the square of the speed of swimmers, so reduce the positive area and the friction coefficient is the key to design low resistance swimsuit.

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