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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall 】 Small chest how wear a bikini

by:PHAYON     2020-08-09
New business parthers swimsuit factory
the chest of a small female friends have not possessed of intended chose swimwear factory, due to the chest is too small, afraid to wear come in was a joke, is some people there will be less hassle to scouts, and this is what a grudge, beecause they could help themselves to learn a skill, but also brings its own joy paths. Water dream swimsuit felt as employers friends going to led the bathing suit factory for many years, we can very careful state the flat-chested woman chest be small employers, just what are you going to wear white chest be small of the eve of the swimsuit factory, flat-chested intended selection swimwear factory, then you can wear out their own happy favor of imposing spirit style. Here I introduce the swimsuit factory first. Bathing suit factory can points in cloth and cloth from the Angle of fabric. Cloth is in the lining, resulting in bra and underwear, face cloth is our naked eye swimsuit factory local in appearance, the cloth and cloth can fission or attached. From people's visual experience, let's see the chronological equipment are the color layout. From the following two kinds of classification, visual effect that we can work out the chest have a bra inside lining, chest, face cloth to face cloth color, to make the flat chest the eve of the chest, can from the above three points. Couplet bra lining, swimsuit bra factory is divided into rims and without rims, with and without sponge sponge, sponge detachable isn't open, back button can regulate and not regulate, chest be small to be selected and rims, due to the rims can come near the breast model, some people can add rims will think hard say small chest of inside is empty, this time you have to choose add sponge and can be open on the back button can adjust, so much can add a few sponge in accordance with the need to save their own theory. But this clue, some employers are not appropriate to wear rims, because pinching his chest, this time don't dress rims, that how do? , this time we will want to criterion supplements don't apply this, when we choose not to bring a bathing suit of the steel wheel factory, should choose sponge thickening, especially the sponge itself is the best chest type, otherwise is oneself in addition add contact such clothing, this is for the entire quantity of chest be small friend general principles. On the chest surface cloth, if you had chest inner lining in our initiative, the plan doesn't have to face cloth to us how about the topic of chest be small problem, so as not to apply, the chest, face cloth to initiative choose fold type, vertical horizontal can be. About color, we are initiative choice to shine beautiful beautiful colour of the eye, such as a leopard. Swimwear factory, swimwear factory, quanzhou swimwear factory, shenzhen swimwear factory, foshan swimwear factory, zhongshan suit factory, guangzhou, guangdong swimwear factory, swimsuit wholesale, wholesale, swimsuit swimming trunks wholesale, wholesale hot spring bathing suit, bathing suit brand, swimsuit manufacturers, swimsuit manufacturers, one-piece, swimsuit, ms man swimming trunks, children swimwear, bikini, swimming equipment, swimsuit processing, customized swimsuit, foreign trade, FOB swimsuit, OEM swimsuit, underwear, underwear

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