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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall 】 Pork XiaoDu swimsuit collocation technique

by:PHAYON     2020-08-10

the bikini swimwear factory, does not necessarily belong to figure lithe and graceful girl. Today, haile swimsuit factory & quot;> The swimsuit factory will help you solve the problem of XiaoDu belly is how to choose a bikini. 1. Fission swimsuit when crouching will inevitably give out to the belly meat, this is definitely a big disaster. Therefore, we suggest that choose one-piece swimsuit have pork XiaoDu eyebrow in the United States. One-piece is the Gospel of pork XiaoDu beauty, can easily cover your belly meat meat very much. The conjoined diagonal design can occur in the belly flat visual effect, more flattening of the abdomen. 2. Tall waist design is always cover the belly, if you don't like the bondage of one-piece feeling, then choose a tall waist design swimsuit, also can give you the belly meat meat to cover their heads, and if you can give exposed above the navel, you waistline is more slender, men look absolutely can't miss it. 3. If your belly prominent badly, then choose a who take up the waist design inclined stripe swimsuit, can help you to cover this defect. 4. The dark can cover your thighs with vertical or diagonal stripes swimsuit has the effect of cultivate one's morality. And choose to have the waist results swimsuit can make you look slimmer. Finally had better choose a bigger size bathing suit a little, because it will make your body be stretched as a whole. If you want to choose custom-made or develop euramerican style of bikini, please contact with professional swimsuit manufacturer wholesale twenty years of quanzhou tea factory & quot;> Bathing suit factory.

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