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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall 】 2017 what do you want to know to choose swimsuit skills according to the size swimsuit embrace perfect vacation

by:PHAYON     2020-08-01
summer comes, the MM will certainly to choose what kind of suit, the following will teach you choose suits own swimsuit according to his figure. 1. Thin chest with pleated swimsuit chest small flat woman, want to make the chest looks more full, you must choose a few chest with swimsuit style, because of stereo feeling of the folds and can make the chest looks more plump. If the effect is more significant, you can choose again bright pink, yellow and other colors of the swimsuit, foil under the white color of skin, can make line is more prominent. 2. Breast enhancement with swimsuit for busty lady, always felt uncomfortable, wear swimsuit is often afraid to run. Consider the design of a head, both figure lines can be stretched, but also decreases the opportunity which is gone. And between cross design to be able to make more plump breasts appear relatively flat, together, can make the line more uniform nature. 3. Thick waist with double color suits for ms waist is thick and short line, no matter what to wear swimsuit, only need to know the color supplement, can play the effect of the ministry of waist line. A swimsuit and different color or design, is the best supplement, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, makes curve more exquisite. 4. Short fine with plain coloured than canal don't think tall than Kennedy didn't look good on, in fact, the diminutive woman, wearing beautiful line than canal can highlight instead, make the waist and legs look more slender. But should be given priority to with plain color, avoid to choose bright colors and patterns exaggerated style, although this kind of design that grabs an eye will make a figure appear fuller, but failed to make figure appears slender. 5. Students' feet with high panties swimsuit leg thick such as women, might as well wear some high panties tailored suit. Although it will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender instead on the vision, make the line more aesthetic feeling. 6. Big match skirt suits the hips plump buttock, should choose the swimsuit with flat feet or short skirt type, upper body with more exaggerated pattern, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the hips. Because the exaggerated patterns can have the effect of the transfer line of sight, and shorts or short skirt can effectively cover the fullness of hips, exerting the effect of the modification. Tip: quality again good swimsuit life is shorter than the other dress, so usually to pay attention to the health and maintenance of bathing suit. Before launching get wet with water, can reduce the water or seawater corrosion; To apply good sunscreen to wear swimsuit, lest it on clothes; Every time after swimming, rinse immediately with water, do not use hot water, detergents, bleach, washing machines stirring; Bacteria with the increasing of humidity and a large number of breeding, all kinds of mold on the bathing suit in succession, so don't be in dry and wear swimsuit yet to go swimming. After washing the bathing suit to be placed in a cool ventilated place, and give appropriate sun exposure in order to kill the mold.

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