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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 Star swimsuit full disclosure! Bold, firm and fresh but person, Jenny boom, li-ying zhao show over the breath!

by:PHAYON     2020-09-11

about showbiz star always like to make public his own personality, and dressing up as part of her job, see swimsuit spoil the glamorous fashion factory photo. Every time is finishing p figure, is very boring ~ swimsuit processing while it is in a good season in March, but small make up today is better than my yearning for summer had to hold back I'll look at female star swimsuit to feel the cool summer air swimsuit factory rate of foreign trade! Said the actress swimwear, friends don't worry. Even beauty value out of the female stars wear swimsuit is the charm of each swimwear factory foreign trade have ~ simple generalization, help people into three categories: swimsuit processing, respectively is: beautiful type material, and fresh but person, how can save don't come back, come and see which one is the orientation materials materials of the beauty is the beauty has a contestant number, Yang mi classmates! Entertainment of London have always is famous for its good shape of big power power, once in the hunan satellite TV variety show 'real man' in choosing a set of relatively conservative suits, although over big good swimsuit processing figure, but if such as secret curve or exciting unceasingly ELLE magazine ELLE magazine in addition to the profound in the program, the big power power is rare in the miscellaneous magazine once showed the sexy side of swimsuit processing. Bikini + cowboy mix build, let beautiful flesh is like concealed, desire language also. Beauty is material type 2 seeds: dynamic CAI yilin Jolin has been a fashionable suit small factory to days later, this looks like a red vest coat, is actually Moschin home new swimsuit, streamlined design looks very apparent. In addition to swimsuit as casual wear, Jolin in the I suit processing nsta swimsuit 'gramm factory to upload pictures, a black clothes even the swimsuit, lying on the sea bathing suit processing sunbathing on the beach chair, hot show beautiful bosom and a pair of long legs, thumb up numerous harvest. Beautiful type material blockbuster: Jenny always does not lack entertainment bold breakthrough type, as a fan bingbing, former rival, figure has always been proud of the capital. Always dress bold has not afraid to show your good figure. This group took these photos in the pool is will reveal all her proud set ~ type and fresh but person and fresh but person contestant no. 1: without makeup goddess li-kun wang li-kun wang once in 2013 variety show 'the star diving cube,' to a place without clear water gives lotus swimwear let netizens exclaimed 'without makeup goddess' popularity soared overnight. Type and fresh but person contestant no. 2: sweet swimsuit processing fresh GuLiNa zanah firm last year in the flowers with less wear swimsuit factory years foreign trade outside the red swimsuit and build, the foil of the whole people, and is the skin white and beauty, faint show business line, showed her show sexy little mind. In addition to the casual sexy swimsuit show factory to small, the blue stripe one-piece na wear should be like an undersea mermaid. Pure lovely type 3 swimsuit processing player: temperament elegant Cecilia liu is well known, Cecilia liu has always been based on the feeling of cool like chrysanthemum into the entertainment circle whether red carpet or acting, few large scale scenes, rarely also wearing time, so do you want to know the conservative poem wear swimsuit is what attitude? Together with small make up take a look. Film five minutes before the night swimsuit debut, the goddess of ballet Cecilia liu a black one-piece radical big show slender figure. Type back to see how can't save the good example of so many beautiful, pure, now let's see a failed swimsuit case ~ although entertainment beauty numerous, see me dazzling, lick one's chaps ~ but there is always a kind of rustic actresses in it, even photos of out of line to cover the temperament of a long story. That's right! Say is the foreign trade swimsuit factory! Because once Buddha hot dance fashion group of mockery 'earthy actress - Li-ying zhao swimsuit processing li-ying zhao because product foreign trade swimsuit factory flavour and native temperament was suit processing, large and small, shut out of the fashion magazine. But since last year, with huang xiaoming's former agent, began to the capital operation. To swallow in the fashion that a piece of short board, is the first magazine cover agent spend heavily to buy the man is installed 'even after the stylist dress, dress suits on magazine covers or let a person feel the smell of earth that happen ~ pink swimsuit and strange strong suit processing hard pose, as if the door of the hotel was in and the small ads.

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