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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 Professional analysis has steel her bathing suit is good

by:PHAYON     2020-08-16
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swimsuit factory swimsuit swimsuit factory steel bracket, please, love swimming the woman certainly also very much like to buy bathing suit, bathing suit style color super. Swimsuit is also divided into two categories: with and without steel supporting steel bracket, so some of the girls would think swimsuit factory swimsuit has steel? Learned bathing suits on the market without steel purchases is big, while bathing suit with steel supporting a small number of consumers to buy. So the swimsuit strip steel bracket, ok? Below small make up detailed interpretation swimsuit factory with you bathing suit has steel, please the question. Swimsuit factory have steel bracket, please analyze a swimsuit: come first to introduce the swimsuit steel, what is ordinary swimsuit only cushioned, prevent the water problem of convex and no shape or fixed function of the chest. Steel is like to wear underwear at ordinary times, like a bra with steel ring, main effect is gathered and fixed. Now some bathing suits to the function in a bathing suit inside of the underwear swimsuit is called steel plant type swimsuit. Above can tell your swimsuit has steel mainly depends on your own terms. If you want to type chest more, be about to choose a swimsuit factory steel swimsuit. Swimsuit with steel bracket, please analysis 2: buy swimsuit better maintainability, had better choose rims for bathing suit factory having steel bracket, please this problem, and then to analyze the bathing suit has the advantages of steel tower: if their chest swimsuit factory department concentration plump, with a steel tower design can make up for the lack of the bikini is basically in order to show their shape design can be said to be the beach bathing suit factory to show themselves. In addition, the swimsuit shop front shop, back factory provide the latest and most bathing suit design, the highest cost-effective bathing suit, bathing suit choice of wholesale! Swimsuit with steel bracket, please analysis three: some friends will ask me some bathing suits strip her please, here with you introduce what is figure for wear strip her bathing suit. Strip steel bracket without padding: enough supporting force, for the circumference plump woman, more than C cup. With breast pad without steel tower: the most suitable for swimming fans, especially asians, recommend this type of bathing suit. Strip girdle breast pad: suitable for the princess taiping, can decorate figure, the disadvantage is that, after launching swimsuit factory is not natural, large swimming/action will not comfortable for a long time. Without steel tower padding: professional garment multi-purpose, western women prefer, suitable for self-confidence dye-in-the-wood and like sexy girls, are more likely to 'fly' is not recommended. In addition, the swimsuit bra has divided into half pads and MATS, thickness is thin, medium and thick three, selected to match the bathing suit is good, too thick too exaggerated is not desirable. Swimwear factory, quanzhou swimwear factory, swimsuit processing, wholesale swimsuits, swimwear factory in shenzhen, zhongshan suit factory, guangzhou swimwear factory, bikini, underwear, underwear processing, bra, bust processing, swim trunks processing, children suit processing, bikini, swimwear, bikini
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