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【 Bathing suit factory swimsuit information 】 Fat people wear swimsuit show thin to fat people wear a bathing suit different effect

by:PHAYON     2020-08-16
The swimsuit factory
what fat people wear swimsuit? Summer is coming, like swimming in the MM can happy to swim once but after the baptism of a winter, some fat MM suddenly a lot of jin, fat people wear swimsuit beautiful and show thin at this time? Underneath, small make up fat people dress collocation to share with you! Let you know more about what fat people wear swimsuit more show thin. What people wear swimsuit: the colour collocation of the swimsuit for fat people, how to wear swimsuit show thin fat girl? Now fat people gave you talk about what to wear swimsuit show thin: thicker and lack for the waist line of ladies, no matter in any bathing suit or a swimsuit, only need to know the color supplement, can play the effect of the ministry of waist line. A swimsuit and different color or design, is the best supplement, can effectively highlight the outline of the waist, makes curve more exquisite. Too much fat people wear swimsuit: chest - - - - - - - - - - - - - Even some friends have been looking for some suit + horizontal grain design solution to fat people wear swimsuit can show thin this problem, in fact, some busty lady, always felt uncomfortable often afraid to put on a bathing suit too. Just as well to consider even a bathing suit, both figure lines can be stretched, but also decreases the opportunity which is gone. And horizontal stripes design to be able to make more * wai appear relatively flat, together, can make the line more uniform nature. What people wear swimsuit: legs were too thick - - - High split on the leg is thick fat people wear swimsuit is good-looking? Leg thick as women players, it's ok to wear some high fork tailored suit. Although it will show out all of the legs, but can make your legs look more slender instead on the vision, make the line more aesthetic feeling. What people wear swimsuit: falbala swimsuit bikini fat people wear what kind of suit can cultivate one's morality? Just as well try falbala adornment swimsuit bikini falbala fold and cascade design can modify the chest contour and cover the hips proud flesh, have adornment sex at the same time also have the effect of got-up figure, is absolutely a good way to kill two birds with one stone, let you the fat people wear swimsuit for a swim: big butt - - - Flat foot type, short skirt type + design exaggerated hips plump, should choose the flat foot type or short skirt type swimsuit, upper body with more exaggerated pattern, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the hips. Because the exaggerated patterns can have the effect of the transfer line of sight, and shorts or short skirt can effectively cover the fullness of hips, exerting the effect of the modification. Fat people wear swimsuit: never choose the swimsuit for waist what to wear swimsuit to this problem, find a good MM two-piece swimsuit has always been a fashionable young women choose, a good woman can choose. If your waist is fine enough for people, of course, also can wear, but for the waist very fat people, the swimsuit is not suitable for you, be sure to give your faults to cover up
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