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A swimsuit fastness to water quality standards

by:PHAYON     2020-09-09

swimsuit fastness to water quality standards seawater fastness is specifically for swimsuit fastness, resistance to sea water fastness is unqualified for the swimsuit, in the process of wear or washing maintenance, dye falls off easily, can with light color clothes or unload into the skin, thus affecting the swimsuit continue to wear, and loss of dye molecules or heavy metal ions can be absorbed by human body through the skin, affect the body health. Color fastness to unqualified reason is more complex, such as the selection of dyes is not correct, dyeing process is unqualified, inadequate post-processing, etc. , do not rule out individual swimsuit manufacturer in order to save cost or outdated technology, used the unqualified dye or reduce certain jobs, color fastness is unqualified.

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